Saturday, May 28, 2011

Safelists my new experiment

I have been using Traffic Exchanges for many years now and have had great success with them. I am now branching out to try safelists. The ones I have had great results from to date are ListSurfing and WebBizInsider. But today I upgraded to a life membership on Stefan Bergs The Lead Magnet. I have got some solid response rates as a free member and the time was right to upgrade. I will update on progress here.

Another newbie - really two are SolomaticAds and Solomatic Traffic both owned by a friend of mine. Go to to get the links.

The Lead Magnet can be found here:

I would be interested to know what programs others have had success with.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Try Something New

The best way to keep ahead in business is to do something new, something unexpected. This will stretch your capabilities and make you fleet of foot in the business world.

My latest new thing was to host my own website and to author it. Check it out at

Keep well and keep the opposition guessing.



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