Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Go for Slow Residual Growth

My first post of the year deals with an old topic, that is, the need for persistent application. 2015 saw an unprecedented number of new online business launches but in reality most of these ventures will be struggling by mid 2016.

"Why is that you may well ask?".

Because these new programs offer very little new and will be overshadowed quickly by the next launch which will inevitably happen in the next few weeks. Everyone (not the smart ones of course) is rushing to make a quick buck before they move onto the next big, new, shiny thing.

So what is the answer? The answer is to stick to your knitting, as my grandmother used to say. Knitting is intricate, takes time, but the end product is worth it. You need to find or develop a business that sells evergreen products (think gasoline, bread toilet tissues etc as evergreen products that you need to keep buying. Only with online business it is auto-responders, trackers, website builders, downline builders, list generators that are evergreen).

For the last 3 years the program I have been concentrating on is Click Track Profit.I am getting consistent payments which are slowly going up in value. With this program you can learn as you earn and the results are there for those who follow the +1 approach (doing 1 thing a day to build your business). For those of you who can commit to $30 a month then Kore4 is a great program promoted at CTP.

I have no problem investing money when I get returns. If you want to earn more then spend more!!

So I'm growing my CTP and Kore4 businesses this year, because the guys who run those programs know what they are doing and I have known them for over 10 years which is almost an eternity in this day and age.

Lets all be the best we can be in 2016 and focus on the quality programs instead of the so called next big thing.

A big thanks to Jon, Tim and Justin for running such great programs.



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