Monday, December 31, 2012

Mega Trend 2 - mobile devices and applications

The second mega trend that is happening is around personal and business mobility. Customers are on the move and increasingly using mobile devices. I now use my iPad as my main communication tool as it is always with me. I can write my blogs, poetry and prose; read my emails, Skype people, manage my bank accounts and read books and articles all from one device. This is liberating but from a business point of view you need to make yourself available in a much more ubiquitous way...

This trend will only grow.

I have found it a little challenging to adapt to using my iPad in a more pervasive way. I am persevering and beginning to see the business benefits, more about this in a future post.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Take a Break from your Business

A time of refreshing is essential in any human endeavour. It is important to recalibrate and get some distance from your business on a regular basis. Of course I am not sticking to my own advice writing this during my Xmas break, but I have enjoyed kicking back and relaxing. I know that three weeks off work will recharge my battery and I will come back ready to go with lots of new ideas.


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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mega Trend One - Social networking

The first of the three mega trends is Social Networking. This started with sites such as MyShare and Yuwie and then extended to the uber social networking site, Facebook. Social Networking leverages the communication available on he Internet to meet friends, make business relationships and eventually use as a sales base. As humans we feel comfortable in groups and most of us (not all) enjoy this social interaction.

I use the LinkedIn tool to keep up with my business associates and IMFaceplate and Facebook to keep in touch with friends. Over time I have made cyber friends and clients with many people that I will never meet face to face, but nevertheless we have a common bond. There is a small group of marketers that I have trusted for years and when they make suggestions I carry them out based upon my previous engagement with them.

Google + is also a very powerful networking tool that I and many of my readers use.

Remember people buy more readily from people they know and trust even if the relationship is purely in cyberspace.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Laser Focus

I have been writing about being up with trends and trying new things but this needs to be balanced by a laser focus. Don't get spread thinly by attempting to change things across multiple fronts. I have had great results from CTP (Click Track Profit) by sticking to their program. Many people do not persist long enough to get the results they are seeking.

I love my garden but as every Gardiner knows you have to persevere. Expecting your plants to be in full bloom one day after planting is unrealistic. Yet this is what many people expect, join a program and get a paying down line on Day 2.

Focus your energies, persevere and the results will come.

Three Mega trends - are you ready?

Three Mega Trends in business have been identified that re changing business practice:

1. Social Networking

2. Mobile applications


3. Big data

Are you ready? Did you know about these 3 trends that are revolutionising the way we do business?

I will cover these three Mega Trends in my next 3 blog posting.

This stuff is exciting and full of business benefits for those who are tuned in.


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

5 cents per 15 pages surfed

For those of you in the traffic exchange business will realise that the payment of 5c per 15 pages surfed is high. The program is called Xtreme Surf and can be accessed at

I have got 4 signups in the first day and made cash. This program also has a paid to click (PTC) section.

Get in quick to reap the rewards - this site will be as popular as Clixsense.



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Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Love Failing

One of the joys of being in business is related to the opportunity to continually learn. Like most people I have received the most benefit from learning what doesn't work and trying something else.

Thomas Watson Snr, the founder of IBM, was once asked by a young man, "How can I double my success rate?". Watson's reply seems counter-intuitive but is so correct based on my experience.

So what was the answer? Well, Watson replied with the words, "Quadruple your failure rate".

So to succeed you need to fail. Most successful entrepreneurs fail a number of times before they win big. Their failures and tenacity allow them to carry on and succeed.

The take away message is to succeed you must learn from your failures and not be dejected by them. This gives you the resilience to succeed.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Traffic Exchange Ranking

This weekend I am trying out a new traffic exchange ranking system. The program is called Top-TE. Basically it gives a real time view of the top traffic exchanges at any point of time.

You place your referral splash into the constituent traffic exchanges and it then ranks the exchange by the number of TE-Traffic unique Splash Pages shown.

Check out Top-TE

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Make Friends then Customers

The way that business is evolving on the net is that social networking comes before business. Another way to put this is to say that social networking is per-sales activity in business parlance.

I live in a farming community where relationships are tight. Business is done with people you know and trust. A neighbors recommendation is held in high regard. The online community is also tight knit and works on the same principle. There are a small number of people that I implicitly trust on the Internet and when they say something is good I believe them.

If you want to try this out go to my homepage and try out the Social Ad network that I use. Don't try and sell anything but get on the chat and makes some friends it's easy. When your ads come up then people know you and are more likely to take your recommendations.

Try it, it works.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Try something New

To win in business you need to be ahead of the game. The winner takes the spoils. I have been experimenting with Twitter and getting great results. I have four blogs and I regularly go in and twitter them. This brings a number of hits to my blogs which equals more sales.

Not everything new works but trying helps to keep your mind active and agile.


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Traffic Exchanges - a Great Way to advertise

I have been a fan of traffic exchanges for over 10 years. This is a great way to get traffic to your site by visiting the sites of others. These programs are free and a great way to start marketing. If you have an advertising budget then you can buy traffic to visit your site. Check out my site that shows the best programs out there by clicking on the link below my name.


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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Your Customers don't care how busy you are

Your customers don’t care how hard your job is.

This is an important lesson to learn. Your customers want their project to have due attention and the fact that you are working 14 hours a day to deliver to a number of customers holds no water in their eyes. Don't over commit yourself. Many businesses have died of their success. Be prepared to say NO to jobs when you know you are struggling to keep up with your current work load.


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