Monday, October 7, 2013

Perseverance and the Lag factor

When you are new to web business it is often a while before you see results. This is caused by the lag factor. I notice this when I change the program I am leading my promotions with.

I often advertise for 2 weeks or so before the sign ups come. At the moment I am promoting Force Hits and I got my first referral after advertising the link for over 2 weeks.

I know this pattern now as I have seen it hundreds of times in the past. So what causes this lag factor?

The main thing is exposure. The first thing is awareness, people become aware that your homepage has changed. They may see your page 30 times before it really registers. This is where perseverance comes in. I know that I need about 10,000 views of my advertisement to gain one upgraded member.
I track my hits via (see under Top Tools link) so I know where my traffic comes from.

Don't give up, give an ad time to get awareness and exposure. Some people change ads every few days if they don't get results - this is a mistake.

Good luck

Check out my website today at - Force Hits (homepage) and NerdBux (PTC tab) are my top 2 sites at the moment.


Grant aka Dr Kelp