Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How is your Google+ Rank

I have just found a site that allows you to see where you rank on Google Plus (Google+). For your information I am only 83040 places below Lady GaGa who is at the top.

Go to Social Statistics to get your ranking then post it the comments section. How popular are you really?

I am working to get below 80,000th.



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Monday, January 28, 2013

Give Realistic Timelines

The temptation in business is to promise delivery to the clients timeline when you already know you can't deliver in time. By taking on such work you slow up delivery for all of your clients over time not just the current one.

When your client is reporting up to a Board of government agency you run the risk of getting them into trouble for non delivery. This is not a good place for all involved.

1. If you can't do the work on time tell the client straight away
2. Tell the client a realistic date - they may be maybe able to work with an amended date.

Being ethical in this way will increase customer confidence in yourself and your business.


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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lukewarm never works

Business, or successful business is never carried out by lukewarm people. You have to be hot and incandescent to make a difference. Aggression in business is necessary but it doesn't equate to nastiness.

Every day I am thinking about what I can do to make my online business better. This takes me down many dead alleys but also opens up some surprising vistas.

I particularly enjoy watching TED videos that stretch my mind in new directions. If you have not seen any of these clips then click here.

Enjoy your weekend and DON'T be LUKEWARM...



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Friday, January 25, 2013

Tools to get Blog Traffic

If like most of us bloggers you are looking for more eyes to your blog try this new tool called BlogClicker. You view others blogs and in return others visit your blog.

Join Here if you are interested in getting more blogs viewers.


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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keeping your Edge

To do well in business you need to have an edge. This means you need to be active and awake. Naturally curious people make great business people because they take an interest in the world around them. They are always on the look out for new experiences and trends.

Edge doesn't always come from concentrating on business topics. Truly transformational breakthroughs come at the interfaces between different groupings. Between science and the arts, religion and business, technology and craft. Don't be afraid to extend the boundaries of your knowledge. Who knows what you will find.


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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Advantage of being a Small Business

WE are hear about the big companies in the media but it is small businesses that drive the economy. So use your smallness to your advantage.

The biggest advantage of being small is that you can be fleet of foot. Agility is important in todays ever changing business world. When a new trend starts growing legs it is easier if you are small and nimble to change direction and leverage on first mover advantage.

Most of the innovation that we see from big companies comes from their purchase of smaller, innovative companies with ideas. When you are large physically you don't move as quickly as some one who is small and agile (think energetic children here).

Just remember Small is Beautiful and can be very Profitable as well.


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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Will your Business Survive?

Will my business survive? This is a question that we all need to keep asking ourselves. Don't take the survival of your business for granted. In these times discontinuous changes can wipe out whole business sectors very quickly. I will use an illustration from the 1870's to illustrate this, and to show that this is not a new problem for business owners.

If you had asked a blacksmith in 1870 whether his business would survive, he would have answered, "Of couse it will, blacksmiths have been in business for centuries immemorial". Yet with the advent of the automobile the business of the blacksmith was smitten. An honorable trade that had been in existence for a very long time, faced extinction. The number of blacksmiths today is a very small percentage of the numbers in 1870.

I grew up in a pre-computer world and when I was first at college we did our advanced programming using punch cards. In the last 40 years we have had the advent of the personal computer, the iPod, iPhone and now iPad along with the Internet followed by the world wide web and social networking. My children do not understand a world without Google, Netflix and iTunes.

But the world of the web, and web business is in constant evolution. Don't have an "1870 blacksmith" attitude but keep your eyes open for trends that may affect your business and be prepared to change quickly.


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Friday, January 18, 2013

Respond to Your Customers

With online business you obviously don't have your customer standing in front of you. Physical proximity allows you to respond to the customers queries and body language.

So how do you respond to customers online? There are different ways to do this. Some of these are listed below:




Skype - a real winner

Personal Mailing to your list

Chat channels on the traffic exchanges

The main thing is to acknowledge your customer. This is particularly important when you get new referrals into your programs. I have thousands in my downlines but I still make the effort to contact new referrals. You may ask why? Well the main reason is to show that you care. It doesn't need to be an epistle but just a

Hi X,
I see you have joined my program. I am your sponsor and would like to give you any assistance you require.
Your name.

Trust me if you do this, you will see results. Satisfied and cared for customers refer others and also repeat purchase.

Have a great weekend.


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oak Trees take time to Grow

My daughter like many other people aspires to be a multi millionaire and the CEO of her own company. A great aspiration but when pressed to outline the actions being taken to get there I get no robust response. As they say a Goal is a dream with a deadline. Without a plan, the dream remains a dream.

The Internet is full of offers to make millions without effort and so many people pay money without doing due diligence.

Here are some hints on success

1. There is no free lunch

2. If it seems to be good to be true, stay away

3. The harder you work the more success you have

4. Success requires focus

5. Many people who look successful are not - the rich looking are often riddles with debt (Check out The Millionaire Mind - an excellent book).

Make a plan and stick to it. Focus on your business strengths.

Just remember might oaks from tiny acorns grow - it just takes time.

Good Luck with nurturing your business Oak.


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Make time for play

Playing for 30 minutes a day is an anodyne for the business person. Play relieves stress and helps to clear the mind. Creativity and play are closely linked so schedule some play time into your schedule. I often use this time to play music, do some relaxation or day dream. As the old saying goes, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

Monday, January 14, 2013

Focus and Never Give up

It pays to apply focus and persistence to all of your online business endeavours. Don't jump from program to program looking for the next big thing. Do your research and stick with the program you decide has most benefit. For the past year my focus has been on Click Track Profit and the more effort I put in the better the results (for details click on the Dr Kelps Programs that Pay in my signature link.

A good example is the use of safelists. Many people do one post to 3000 people and then sit back waiting for the cash to come rolling in. Wrong approach. Industry figures show that 2% of people will respond to a safelist posting. So you don't have 3000 sets of eyes seeing your post but only 60. Answer - send out consistently on safelists, day in, day out. Believe me this does work it just needs tenancity and a good level of bloody mindedness.

Good luck and hang in there. Check out the Top Tools tabe on to see the top safelist I use.


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Friday, January 11, 2013

In season and out of season

I am borrowing a biblical quote today for my heading and post as it is relevant. The quote relates to preaching the gospel but is equally applicable to your business pursuits. The meaning is that you need to keep working when you are getting results and when you are not. Persistence and consistency are top business attributes.

It has been my experience hat sales come in cycles, but if you don't keep working in the down times then the sales dry up altogether.

This is particularly applicable to traffic exchange surfing and safe list posting.

Hang in there and succeed.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Learn or hone a skill daily

Business success, like medical diagnostic success, is based on science + art. Experimentation also advances business and medical research. Set aside some time every day to look at acquiring a new skill or honing an old one. Today I did a video from Click Track Profit about list building. It was a great start in this area. I also designed a new banner for my website and I'm tracking hits from it. These 2 things took less than 15 minutes but gave me food for thought to consider all day.

Don't rest on previous success or regret past mistakes. Keep moving and learning.

I worked with an inspirational researcher who at the age of 94 got a 5 year research grant to look at big data. He looks 60 and his mind is razor sharp, so don't let your age hinder you from achievement.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We all need mentors

When first starting your business online it is important to have a mentor or mentors who will guide you through the start up stage and beyond. Mentors can provide support and help you to avoid the common errors that newbies tend to make. I have been lucky to have had a number of people who have provided advice and encouragement. Some of those that come to mind are Dan Moses, David Riley, Randy Ritter, John Olson and Tim Linden. In some cases this has been by direct contact but more often it has been by reading their newsletters and following their advice.

In the last year I have been a member of Click Track Profit (CTP) and this program is excellent if you are wanting step by step, video instruction from the market leaders. I have built a residual income there from following the program. This is the best program that I have ever ever belonged to.


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Monday, January 7, 2013

Mega trend 3 - Big Data

The third big trend is big data. A definition of big data with a business focus is given below by
Phil Mui, Chief Product and Engineering Officer, Acxiom

“The world has always had ‘big’ data. What makes ‘big data’ the catch phrase of 2012 is not simply about the size of the data. ’Big data’ also refers to the size of available data for analysis, as well as the access methods and manipulation technologies to make sense of the data. For many, ‘Big Table’, ‘Map Reduce’, ‘Hadoop’, ‘No Sql’, among other such technologies are strongly correlated, and often used interchangeably, with ‘big data’. The adoption of these tools and techniques enables one to make sense of the volume, velocity, and variety of big data.

For marketers, ‘big data’ represents a challenge and an opportunity to develop intelligent analytical tools to better reach their customers at the right channel, right time, and right device. Big data promises significant payoffs: it enables marketers to invest proportionally to the value of existing or potential customer relationships, often in real-time. More importantly, big data promotes a culture of data-informed decision making. It is now much harder to justify a decision based solely on ‘intuition’ or ‘gut’ without some data analysis to back it up. If it takes a hyped term to make data-driven decision making pervasive, I am all for it.”

So as we head into 2013 we will see tools becoming available that can assist us to tap into new and exciting market niches armed with massive amounts of data. This will make the data mining currently used by Apple Google and Amazon seem elementary.

So keep an eye on the three mega trends and consider how you can meet the market.