Sunday, August 12, 2012

Treat your Staff Well

I have been very impressed by a recent American TV show where business owners go underground to see what happens at the cutting edge of their businesses. This normally means being disguised and working at the frontline.

It becomes clear very quickly what sort of employers the owners are. What struck me was that the best businesses were those where the owners took good care of the staff and the staff members responded by being dedicated and giving the business a great image with customers.

The message from the program is: Treat your staff well as they are the face of your business. On average one negative comment about your products and business will be shared with 15 other people and they will in turn tell 15 more ( that equals 225 people who hear the bad message). So one surly staff member who feels that their contribution is not valued can directly affect your bottom line. And you may not even know about it as less than 10% of your customers will complain. They will just vote with their feet.

Treating your staff well is a key driver for business success in the long term.

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