Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Leverage on your Skills

Do you have a good idea of your personal skill inventory?

Many people see themselves as being say a plumber, doctor etc instead as a holder of a set of skills.

One boss I had said two things to me that have stuck.

1. Consider yourself as your own corporation, Me Inc. Don't rely on a company or corporation to set your destiny.

2. Always look for new skills or tools to put in your toolbox. Each skill you have makes you more valuable. Top craftsman have a lot of tools to use.

Think about how your skills fit together to make a compelling package. Break out of the occupation mould.

My own career journey has been rich and along the way I filled my own toolbox with very valuable tools such as facilitation, change management, transformational leadership and benefits realisation management. What I am doing now is far removed but still sharing skills with what I started doing. Using the same set of skills you can build a lot of different combinations, think Lego here.

You can do it!
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