Sunday, February 15, 2015

Steve Jobs and the Human-Machine Interface

Mr. Jobs understood that the best technology incorporates the arts and humanities, Mr. Isaacson told the audience on Monday.
"Jobs was a genius in understanding how people would related emotionally to their devices," he said. "He understood the emotion, beauty, and simplicity that makes for a great human-machine interface."
Walter Isaacson - biographer of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had a deep understanding of human-machine interfaces. That is why people love Apple products and why Apple has recently surpassed all previous business profits in a financial quarter.

Such success happens when you understand both humans and technology. The arts and humanities represent the human spirit and its creative urges. An understanding of what humans desire and value helps in the design of technology. It's not just about rationality but the buying behavior of humans encapsulates emotional wants. Jobs understood this and stood against design decisions that were only based on rational technological/scientific perspectives.

Jobs made history. Long live Apple and may Steve's vision be carried on.


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