Friday, October 3, 2008

Hints on Building a Successful Downline

If you want to succeed on the Internet with your sales, it is crucial to build a downline. A downline is composed of members who have joined up under you in a program and that you have referred. Typically you earn a proportion of the earnings of your downline members.

Here are some hints to help you build a large downline

I will use StartXchange as an example:

To view my referral page at StartXchange Click Here

1. Advertise your referral URL widely in as many programs as you can (If you joined StartXchange from my link above it will look like this - where yourname is your username).

2. Use a splash page. A splash page is a quick loading page that directs people to your main advertising page. This is important as when people are surfing you need a fast loading page that will draw attention - all within 10 seconds.

3. Brand your splash page with your photo. When you click my link above a splash page appears with my photo as a floating object.

4. Be persistent, it takes time to build a downline. However many programs allow you to buy downline members which is useful if you have the money, and want to kickstart your success. The best program to buy referrals in from my experience are:


Happy building

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