Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mega Trend One - Social networking

The first of the three mega trends is Social Networking. This started with sites such as MyShare and Yuwie and then extended to the uber social networking site, Facebook. Social Networking leverages the communication available on he Internet to meet friends, make business relationships and eventually use as a sales base. As humans we feel comfortable in groups and most of us (not all) enjoy this social interaction.

I use the LinkedIn tool to keep up with my business associates and IMFaceplate and Facebook to keep in touch with friends. Over time I have made cyber friends and clients with many people that I will never meet face to face, but nevertheless we have a common bond. There is a small group of marketers that I have trusted for years and when they make suggestions I carry them out based upon my previous engagement with them.

Google + is also a very powerful networking tool that I and many of my readers use.

Remember people buy more readily from people they know and trust even if the relationship is purely in cyberspace.

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