Thursday, March 21, 2013

Liven up your Advertising (The Banshees are Screaming)

I am sure you have all seen the cringe worthy ads where the owner or his/her family do their own ads and they are awful, but make compelling viewing. Why ios this? WEll their amateurish or odd presentation grate on the nerves when one is used to well crafted ads from Madison Avenue. We tend to remember the best and the worst of a category and aggregate all the rest.

I am not encouraging you to write bad ad copy, but have some fun. I got a great response when I turned the photo of myself on my website upside down. Why? becauise it was different and people noticed the change and purchased the product.

The main thing is to get the buyers attention, not an easy feat these days.

Here are some fun ad titles:

Mrs Browns Jam gains a Cosmic audience

Pope Francis sells his donkey

These tires will last 5 miles - fantastic value

Have some fun and break out of the mould.


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