Monday, February 24, 2014

It is as easy to Sell High Ticket as Low Ticket

Many Internet Marketers do not realize a little known fact and this is that it is as easy to make High Ticket as Low Ticket Sales. Many people feel very comfortable selling low cost products and services but if you are advertising in the right places it is as easy to sell high ticket items costing $5000 as it is to sell products costing $10.

The other fact is that it is much more lucrative to sell high ticket items and some of the profit can be used to buy paid advertising. Another little known fact is that people buying high ticket items tend to be repeat customers.

How do I know? Because I buy and sell high ticket items. I have spent over $10K this month in business products and services. Whenever I see an opportunity I take it. Small thinkers make small sales, big thinkers make big sales.

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