Saturday, February 22, 2014

Recession Proof, Bullet Proof High Ticket Sales

I just want to share with you an email I got from Matt Lloyd today. It challenges the conventional wisdom of what to do in a recession and also provides a system to back this up.Click the links in the post below to view the video where Matt explains his approach.

Recession-Proof, Bulletproof Income...

Argh... I've had a many of arguments about this lately...

Do you keep catching wind of this little thing called a
'Recession' ?

I wasn't even aware of it, as I try to stay clear of the
NEWS, that seems to only find everything bad that
is going on in the world...

And my business definitely hasn't been touched by
it anytime recently...

Here's the reason why:

There's only one way that I know how to keep yourself
Recession-Proof, and I can sum it up in one word:


"What!?" may be asking.

How cute of you...

Listen: Here's the Hard Data taken from the nerds
working for Billion Dollar brands that go out and
collect all this information:

Despite the economic collapse, sales of luxury, high
ticket goods remained steady.

(Interlude: Not steady for me. My income has rapidly
gone up recently thanks to High Ticket and MTTB.)

Now, there are a LOT more affluent people than there
was a decade ago...

And surprise surprise, they're looking to spend...

On hobbies they like...

On making themselves better...

On bigger homes and nicer cars...

And on investing in Home Business and Money-
Getting Opportunities...

...Like MOBE teaches you to do:

Even considering an economic downturn, people may
make slight modifications in their lifestyle, however,
they do NOT change their fundamental behavior.

...It's why Starbucks is crushing it even though a
Hot, Creamy, Mocha may cost ya $6.00.

Here's a simple solution to any money woes you may
be having, or a way for you to generate a NEW cash-
windfall if that's where you're at in life...


High Ticket.

You NEED to be offering them in your business...

Simple as that.

People are looking to spend $2k, $5k, $10k, $50k+,
IF it's beneficial for them...

And smart companies offer these options for their

Think G.M.

They offer a High-End Hummer for around $100k.
And they sell lot's of em.

But they also offer a cheaper model now, the
Hummer H2, more around $30k...

You need to offer BOTH...

If you're not offering these types of products and
opportunities in your business, then know that
someone else IS...

...And they'll get your hard-earned sale rather than

How would that feel?

You do all the work...

Attract the sale...


Your competitor does nothing besides positioning
themselves better than you and they get the big

It don't feel good!!

Don't worry though, because worry will get you
nowhere. Flattery and taking Action will get
you FAR though!

MTTB will teach you everything you need to know
about Luxury offers, and better yet, you'll have the
opportunity to generate $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000

And you don't even have to create a product, sell
on the phone, or any of that crazy stuff!

We know you're busy and likely not Superman, so
you can leverage our System instead, and make your
chances of success that MUCH easier...

This all makes a lot of sense to me,



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