Thursday, July 7, 2016

A RUT is just a GRAVE with the ENDS kicked out

First of all before we start talking about ruts, a huge welcome to the 100+ new list members from the last 24 hours - Welcome, take action and keep out of the ruts.

And for the rest of you RUTDWELLERS LISTEN UP!

Are you in a rut my friend?

Stuck in a boring dead end job?

Not enough money?

Hard to pay the bills?

Then listen up and LISTEN real GOOD.

You are in a RUT and that is not good. The rut may be comfortable but it is still a rut.

Now as the Heading says, "A rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out". Its like a COFFIN.

A COFFIN may be comfortable but you sure as He$$ won't get anything done there.

Today is the day to get up out of the Rut and Take ACTION.

Yes, I mean you.

MOBE is launching a new product later this month and you have a CHANCE to make some money so get those EARS in working order.

Click on the LInk RIGHT NOW my little droog and check out the,

Ultimate Dotcome Lifestyle


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