Saturday, May 28, 2016

Farewell to Qatar

I have just finished my three year contract in Qatar in the Middle East. I am writing this post from the Movenpick hotel in Dubai.

I am speaking at a conference in Dubai on Tuesday and then flying back to my home country, New Zealand on the first of June.

My three years have been very enjoyable. I have learned about a new culture, have picked up conversational Arabic and have seen the Middle East from the other side of the lens.

Overall a very positive experience.

My next contract is in Sydney, Australia and I'm looking forward to it.

The other awesome thing that happened to me in the Middle East was that I discovered MOBE/MTTB. My wife who is an ED Specialist Nurse could not work in Qatar as she was over 49 years of old (Crazy isn't it) so we had to find a business to keep her occupied and stimulated. MOBE did this wonderfully plus made us some income.

A well as my clinical qualifications I also have a Masters degree in Business. I was amazed how much I learned from the MOBE 21 steps - my eyes were opened and I realized how deficient academic learning can be in a hands on activity like business.

I invite you to check the 21 steps out for yourself.

Check out the 21 Steps to Success below:


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