Monday, December 21, 2009

Amazon Buyers be Aware of this Scam

It hurts!! I have been scammed and lost £346 through a scammer operating through the site.

If you see this guy selling anything don't buy it!!

The moment money transfer is mentioned, leave well alone.

The email addresses that I have corresponded though are:

Alexander Groom (

Hopefully other people will google their email addresses and come up with this.

Why would any trustworty retailer have hotmail & gmail addresses? They are coming across as legit UK based companies with corresponding company websites.

Again - leave well well alone - pure scammers.

What really annoys me is that Amazon was warned about this scammer in early december according to a forum on their site and still he appears. I got scammed but they should have closed this guy out in early December.

So if it can happen to an old hand like me it can happen to anyone.



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