Monday, January 14, 2013

Focus and Never Give up

It pays to apply focus and persistence to all of your online business endeavours. Don't jump from program to program looking for the next big thing. Do your research and stick with the program you decide has most benefit. For the past year my focus has been on Click Track Profit and the more effort I put in the better the results (for details click on the Dr Kelps Programs that Pay in my signature link.

A good example is the use of safelists. Many people do one post to 3000 people and then sit back waiting for the cash to come rolling in. Wrong approach. Industry figures show that 2% of people will respond to a safelist posting. So you don't have 3000 sets of eyes seeing your post but only 60. Answer - send out consistently on safelists, day in, day out. Believe me this does work it just needs tenancity and a good level of bloody mindedness.

Good luck and hang in there. Check out the Top Tools tabe on to see the top safelist I use.


Dr Kelps Programs that Pay

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