Thursday, January 10, 2013

Learn or hone a skill daily

Business success, like medical diagnostic success, is based on science + art. Experimentation also advances business and medical research. Set aside some time every day to look at acquiring a new skill or honing an old one. Today I did a video from Click Track Profit about list building. It was a great start in this area. I also designed a new banner for my website and I'm tracking hits from it. These 2 things took less than 15 minutes but gave me food for thought to consider all day.

Don't rest on previous success or regret past mistakes. Keep moving and learning.

I worked with an inspirational researcher who at the age of 94 got a 5 year research grant to look at big data. He looks 60 and his mind is razor sharp, so don't let your age hinder you from achievement.
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